Family History

Jonathan Swindley's Family History Research


Here are details of the Families I am researching.  More will be added as time permits, I also will be listing details of  other information or resources available to me.

  • Swindley Database This contains details of the Individual Families' that make up my One Name Study.  I am grateful to all those who have contributed to this information 

  • More specific Information on the Swindley's regarding little biographies of my direct ancestors. 

  • The Swindley Crest illustrated on this web site was bestowed on (if that's the right term) Major General John Edward Swindley who commanded the 15th Hussars in the Afgan War of 1878/79

  • Brook Database This contains details of my wife's Fathers family.  This has been rather difficult due mainly to a lot of false trails, what's new in Family History!

  • Atherton Database This contains what little I know of my mothers Fathers family.  Regrettably not a lot is known and is hampered by the fact that Atherton is a very common name in Cheshire and Lancashire.



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